Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Vengents - Stuck Up Front At A Dickies Show


  Are you the kind of person who likes discovering new music? (I'm guessing if you're reading this then the answer is probably yes).

  Does the idea of a name your price punk compilation featuring a massive 140 bands / tracks sound appealing? If so, read on. 

  Dalzell, South Carolina, label River Monster Records have just released Monster Compster Vol. 8, the latest in a series of mammoth comps featuring bands from all around the globe. There's a fair few that have featured on Just Some Punk Songs previously (such as Dirt Byrds, God Mode, Kicked In The Teeth, Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies, Spam Javelin, The Asteroids, The Lost Riots etc) but there's many more I've never heard of before. And that's the fun of it, scroll down the list, pick a band at random and click play. I can't pretend to have listened to all of it yet as it really is a beast of a release but what I have heard confirms what I already knew; there's so many really good punk bands out there deserving of your attention. Including the band I'm highlighting today. 

  They're a 3 piece called Vengents (https://www.facebook.com/vengentsband/) and the brief write up I found for them goes like this : 

A New Jersey Staple for Almost a Decade Vengents has played ALL over the Garden State! Bringing Their Own touch to a Pop Punk / Thrash Metal Hybrid! This Trio of Complete Chaotic Riff Shredding and Double Bass Kicking Combined The Punk Rock Melodys of Screeching Weasel with the Sheer Drive of Megadeath! They'll Have You Banging Your Head for Hrs after Their Set!

  More importantly, they sound like this... 

 A short, sharp blast of dumb fun, this is Stuck Up Front At A Dickies Show... 

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