Thursday, 9 January 2020

Stubborn Hearts - Don't Freak Out!

  Although I didn't see much in the way of coverage over on this side of the pond for Stubborn Hearts' last ep, Trixie, I was very impressed with it, especially the lead track which prompted me to write that the band's style of songwriting reminded me of bands like After School Special ( When I heard they had a new track out (a song which will feature on upcoming ep Tales From A Red Flag Galaxy), I was interested as to weather it'd match up. Do you know what, I think it's even better.

  A quick recap; the band are a melodic punk duo from Rhode Island featuring Jenn Lombari (guitar/vocals) and Doug Metivier (drums). The list of bands they like includes City Mouse, Mobina Galore, The Muffs, Gameface etc. They've been together for a year. As well as the ep, they're also releasing a split 7" with The Kat O Army which will be on Australian label Backyard Grill Records.  You can find more info here :

  The new song, it's an endearingly rough around the edges up tempo banger that only slows down for a sublime fade out ending. I really like Jenn's vocals as she sings about wanting you around and pumping the brakes, doing whatever it takes... Raw and scratchy pop punk at it's best. Check it out

  It's called Don't Freak Out...

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