Tuesday 24 October 2017

Christian Fitness - Other Men's Wives


  One band that's been going down well with the listeners in the chatroom on the Just Some Punk Songs show is one man band Christian Fitness. It's the latest project by Andrew Falkous (whom you'll know from Mcclusky and Future Of The Left). As well as vocals, he does everything else aside from play drums.

  Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, he's releasing albums at the rate of 1 a year. Thus far there's been I Am Scared Of Everything That Isn't Me (2014), Love Letters In The Age Of Steam (2015), This Taco Is Not Correct (2016) and Slap Bass Hunks (2017). Inventive, bass heavy and packed with Falkous' unique vocal wordplay you can find them here : https://christianfitness.bandcamp.com/

  Not easy to pick a favourite to post for you as there's plenty to choose from but I'm going to try and hook those of you that may have so far missed out on the band with this one. Other Men's Wives.....

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