Sunday, 2 January 2022

Rum Lad - Hate Tory Scum


  Those that were paying attention will have noticed that chart bothering, potty mouthed The Kunts weren't the only band that were critical of Boris and his capitalist wide boys in 2021. Wonk Unit topped the Just Some Punk Charts with an anthemic singalong criticising the government and today I bring you another song in a similar vein.

  Rum Lad ( has featured on here several times previously. He's from South Normanton and is a modern day Mr Angry. My Facebook feed is often full of his withering put downs (recent examples including; "The rumour is Boris Johnson is set to be cleared by Lord Geidt over the donation for the Downing St flat refurbishment. Does that sound ok to you? Do you go out your mind worrying about paying tax etc to see it spaffed up the wall like this? Im calling all you bastards out next year.....",   "Lets make this clear...the Maxwell guilty verdict means absolutely fuck all unless they start naming and shaming the cunts that were buying young girls and abusing them...until then sex trafficking will remain" and "Are we knighting war criminals now?? Fuck all surprises me for the boys."

  He says it as he sees it. 

  And this applies very much to his music. He's just followed up LP1 Vandalism and LP2 Punk AF with LP3 Wonder Meat. It'll be out on blue vinyl sometime later this year but for now you can get it digitally (pay what you want) here : or here :

  For one man, it's a big sound. Don't expect 70's style sub 2 minute traditional punk ditties. The anger is the same but the songs are a little longer giving them more room to breathe. It's biting acerbity that could quite easily be filed under post punk and it works. 

  This is probably the most simplistic song on the album and it's the one I'm sure will be sung loudest at upcoming live shows. It's called Hate Tory Scum... 

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