Sunday, 11 December 2016

Hexen - Love your way

  Hexen are an all female band from Bilbao who got together in 2015 and share a love of beer and Oi! music. The current line up features Vir (vocals), Vicky (guitar), Meri (guitar), Jone (bass) and Ainhoa (drums). Their influences include the likes of Combat 77, Cock Sparrer, The Gits, Bishops Green, Runnin Riot, Zakarrak and Blitz.

  In October they released their debut ep. Recorded at the Northern Drunkens' studio it's titled Die Frauenjagd (which if I'm correct translates to The Woman Hunting) and features 4 songs. You'll see one at the bottom of this update and 2 more are available as name your price downloads here : . The vinyl version is out any day now on Bird Trouble Records

  This Is Love Your Way.......

Dead hours are passing by dealing with adversity 
All your time sold by a dirty salary
You know you’ll never make up for these days
These years, you’ll lose them
Never will have it easy, not for you,working class
You have values they’ll never understand. 
Never will have it easy, not for you,working class
You stand out of the pack
You stand out of the pack...

Your family always wanted you to live without pain

They cared for your instruction not to experience the same
Although the rich kids look down at you
You won't live in shame
You won't live in shame

After all of these years you are still playing loud

And spitting all the mud
To all who is to blame
And you love your way...

I've chosen my path, out of the pack with you.

I've chosen my path, and love my way.
I've chosen my path, out of the pack, and on this path I will stay.

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