Friday, 14 February 2020

Crisis Actors - Informant

  One of the most energetic, in your face (and indeed best) releases I've had the pleasure to listen to recently is a wonderful split album between Salem, Massachusetts, synth punks Crimps and Boston hardcore punks Crisis Actors ( Today's update features a song by the latter of those 2 but you should definitely also check out Crimps (

  So Crisis Actors... they released a demo in Aug 2018 that was absolutely bloody marvellous (go listen to it if you missed it and see if you can resist screaming along with the Crass inspired chorus of Private Army!). 18 month on, they haven't calmed down. Their 4 tracks on this new split are all manic explosions of frantic noise. There's more fizz than a bottle of coke stuffed with Mentos! Vocalist Jen is a woman possessed whilst Andy (bass), Jesse (guitar) and Chris (drums) pound and bash and strum away like whirling dervishes with St Vitus' Dance!

  You can order the cassette and find the digital version here :

  Try telling me this isn't going to be one of 2020's best songs, it's called Informant...

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