Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Warp - Baby Chihuahua


Bark at the TV, woof woof woof.

  So go the lyrics to today's rather fab song by San Francisco band Warp. They formed in 2017, feature members of Flesh World, Mallard and Blank Square and they've got a new 12" out on Thrilling Living Records. The label has been putting out some great music recently by the likes of Judy And The Jerks, Scrap Brain, BB And The Blips etc and they're onto another winner with Warp. There'll be 400 vinyl copies and you can grab one or get the digital version here :         https://thrillingliving.bandcamp.com/album/traffic-control-12

  I missed their 2017 debut ep (https://warpsf.bandcamp.com/releases) but am making up for it with repeat spins of the album. It's 10 tracks of gloriously ramshackle banging and bashing fronted by vocalist Tika Hall shout singing about boneheads, chapsticks, butter bricks and goats. It's all very enjoyable.

  Size doesn't matter, you can still make a hell of a racket. This is Baby Chihuahua...

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