Thursday, 7 November 2019

The Staples - Heart Stops Beating (Guest Review By Tyler Boots (Phone Jerks))

  In an attempt to stop you getting bored with me doing all the write ups I reached out to a few people from various cool bands that have featured on here this year and asked if they knew of a new(ish) release they'd like to draw to the attention of the fine visitors to this blog. The results were mixed, a Wonk Uniter was very keen but forgot, a Slow Factioner is away abroad but will be doing something upon his return but a Phone Jerk came up with the goods.

  Hopefully you've all checked out the excellent new 10" by Phone Jerks by now but just in case I'll post a link to it and then I'll leave you in the capable hands of Tyler Boots who thinks you should be pointed in the direction of a new 7 track ep by Nova Scotia band The Staples...

  Holy shite! The Staples!

Torn is the name of the new EP from this great new Halifax band featuring members of Tongan Death Grip, Fat Stupids and Future Girls. Apparently they had everything recorded and mixed around 3 to 4 years ago! So what was the friggin' hold-up?! Unfortunately, the hard drive with all their vocals bit the dust. Cripes! After a few years, Craig Hamlin finally re-did the vocals over the old mp3s (using a $14 desktop mic from The Source! (y'know, Radio Shack!)
It was well worth the wait! Songs like "Starry Skies" and "Heart Stops Beating" have a Primitives feel. "I'm Trash" reminds me of something from that first GG King record, Estoteric Lore. 90s Moncton and Halifax pop influences really come through on songs like "So Bad". There's even a creepy instrumental called "Christmas at the Forum" that perfectly captures the feeling of dread every maritime kid feels when their parents guilt them into attending one of those insufferable events! Hey, everybody likes an underdog story, so go give The Staples a listen and download!

You can snap it up name your price here : 

  This song is called Heart Stops Beating...

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