Monday, 11 November 2019

The Fallout - Set Us Up

  There's quite a few great political punk bands out there, bands that not only write intelligent lyrics commenting on the state of the world that we live in but who also manage to compliment their message with a catchy as hell soundtrack. Toronto 3 piece The Fallout are one of the very best. No strangers to this blog, Byron Pickles (guitar/Vocals), Dr. Bob (drums/vocals) and Patty O'Lantern (bass/vocals) have released some killer songs of unity, inclusion, solidarity and struggle during the course of the band's 15 year history. Taking their cue from Pete Seeger’s quote “the people are on the march and must have songs to sing” they've been responsible for a back catalogue which has seen them described by Exclaim as "kind of like a street-punk version of Woody Guthrie.” There's been 5 albums thus far and rather excitingly number 6 will be with us shortly. It'll be called The Times Have Never Changed and if the teaser track that I'm posting today is any indication it's going to be another modern day classic. You can stream it here (check out their other releases whilst you're there, most of them are remixed, remastered and available name your price) :

  You can get more info on them here :

  With a video featuring footage of an anti-austerity demo in Montreal from March 27th 2015, this song is a working class anthem, a call to arms. It's called Set Us Up...

Dead eyes with a cold blank stare
Black heart doesn’t feel or care
Driven only by market share and a need to survive
Figure heads full of shit and lies
When are we gonna realize
We don’t have any rights if we don’t organize

Set us up, set us up just to knock us down
Gotta run, gotta run run you out of town

Gotta gotta gotta gotta get rid of you
There’s only one thing left to do
Gotta gotta gotta gotta get rid of you

Profits first and people last
Take advantage of the working class
Hysteria created en masse to conquer and divide
Lapdog with authority
A governing minority
Save money through austerity so viscous and bile

Some day we’ll finally see
Damage and depravity
We’ll drag you through the streets as you beg for mercy
In the rubble and the decay
As your system fades away
We’ll rebuild the ash and clay in solidarity

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