Sunday, 3 November 2019

Scabz - Feel Good Summer

  I assume that Newtown in Australia has plenty of bands. Today I'm featuring a song by a 3 piece who claim to be the shittiest band in that suburb of Sydney's inner west. They're called SCABZ. They feature Siobhan Poynton, Lozzy and Kane. They're making quite a few waves so if you've not yet come across them then today is your lucky day. You can get more info on them here :

  One quote that stood out for me on their Facebook page was this one : "Sometimes there’s so many shitty things happening to the world all you can do is scream really loud about it into a microphone and hope for the best." That's exactly what vocalist Siobhan is doing on their new single. It's a song that mixes it's anger with rapier wit. It scathingly takes the piss out of selfish fuckers who don't care that they're helping to ruin the planet for future generations. Climate change might be a concern but fuck it, "I work hard mate...I deserve my cars....fuck the planet, it might be getting hotter and hotter but I've got nothing to lose."

  This is great, it's called Feel Good Summer...

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  1. This is awesome. Hope for a proper vinyl release of this. Maybe the best song of the year, even if there were so many great songs.

    Also many thx for your blog, great music.