Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Wonk Unit - Cyclists


  Wonk Unit are back with a new song that perfectly encapsulates their off beat take on punk rock. I saw someone (you know who you are!) recently saying they weren't a fan of the band and comparing them to Splodgenessabounds (ie a comedy band that aren't really worth spending much time on). Firstly, Splodge put out a few classics and secondly, not everyone in the punk genre has to be serious. Sometimes it's good to have a different view of the world. I doubt any of Wonk Unit's many fans will mind in the least that they've released a plentiful catalogue of catchy and fun music. They're a great band but I suppose, horses for courses and all that...

  Anyway, the new song. It's about selfish people on bikes who ride two abreast and hold up the traffic. It's based on a true story of how Alex Brindle Johnson and his merry band of wonkers were in the van on the way to a festival when they got stuck down a country lane in a procession of traffic that had built up behind two pedalling pricks. Instead of frustration and road rage (or quite possibly born of frustration and road rage), they wrote a song about it. As my friend might complain, "it's not punk..." and maybe strictly speaking, that's the case. But what's punk in 2019 if not a wide umbrella under which people who are punk at heart are free to do what the hell they like?

  Wonk Unit. Punk as fuck mate. And fun as well. Honk if you wonk! And if you're a cyclist ride in single file!!!

  This is called Cyclists...



    "Why do motorists get annoyed by cyclists two abreast?
    There are many reasons why motorists tend to get annoyed so here are a few that I know of:

    They think it's harder to overtake
    They think it's illegal
    They think it's dangerous in general
    They think it means cyclists are not paying attention to the road

    So why do cyclists cycle two abreast?
    There are many reasons why cyclists choose to cycle two abreast so I'll give you the reasons that I know of.
    It's Safer!
    Simply put, it's safer for cyclists to ride two abreast, it means that motorists usually have to overtake in a proper manner rather than overtaking in the same lane as the cyclists. If a group of cyclists are in single file, motorists will often assume they can overtake in places which are not safe and will not leave the cyclist enough room. Motorists should give cyclists the same amount of room they would give another car when overaking (please see the Overtaking Cyclists page for more details) which means they should be on the other side of the road and would have to wait until there are no oncoming cars. Being in two files usually forces this scenario but riding in single file can lead the motorist to think they can overtake on the same side of the road if there are oncoming cars thus not giving the cyclist the correct amount of space.

    It allows motorists to overtake quicker!?!
    Riding two abreast also allows the motorist to overtake the group of cyclists quicker as there is less distance between the front and rear of the group (about half!!). This means that the motorist is past the group in less time, spending less time on the other side of the road and along side the group of cyclists and therefore safer all round.

    For those that cannot understand this, here is an illustration:

    So presuming that the car needs to give the cyclists the same space as another car (again see Overtaking page), there being one or two lines shouldn't matter in terms of distance needed to pull out to the right but two lines decreases the distance for which the car is performing the overtaking manoeuvre and therefore the time which to complete it making it safer all round.

    It's sociable!
    Cyclists out for a long ride will have a much more enjoyable ride if they have someone to talk to, and enjoying the ride is the main point of the ride for most. Most cyclists prefer to have someone to chat with but this does not mean that they are not riding safely, most car drivers will talk to their passengers and this is not regarded as unsafe driving!"


  3. How can anyone listen to that shite