Sunday, 22 September 2019

Chain Whip - Don't Talk

  Chain Whip are a hardcore punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia featuring Josh Nickel (ex Fashionism on vocals), Joel Butler (Nervous Talk/Corner Boys on guitar), Brett Thompson (Stress Eating on bass) and Patrick Bertrand (Corner Boys on drums). They released a Christmas Demo in 2017, followed it up with last year's Self Titled 7"ep and have recently resurfaced with an explosive debut album titled 14 Lashes. It was released on vinyl ( and it's available digitally on Bandcamp :

  If you're new to Chain Whip but familiar with the members' other bands then you may be in for a little shock to the system as instead of top notch power pop-punk you'll get an aural gut punch. Melody is traded for energy. Definitely a case of shorter, faster, louder but it still has tunes you can latch onto. Strap in, hold onto your hats and enjoy the ride.

  For more info go here :

  This is Don't Talk...

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