Thursday, 8 November 2018

NOi!SE - Mass Apathy (ft. Skinhead Rob)


  A 4 piece streetpunk band from Seattle, Noi!se are no strangers to Just Some Punk Songs and they return today with a new single. It features guest vocals from Skinhead Rob (Transplants) and all proceeds will go to charity.

  Lining up with Matt Henson (vocals/bass), Nate Leinfelder (vocals/rhythm guitar), Jesse O'Donnell (lead guitar) and Kenny Dirkes (drums) the band have a number of gigs lined up with the likes of The Generators, Street Dogs and Slapshot and you can check out details here :

  The single is a topical commentary on the issue of gun violence, especially the amount of school shooting in the United States (even as I'm writing this there's yet another mass shooting being reported). The goal of this release is to get people standing up and demanding changes to policies that endanger the lives and futures of America's children. It'll be available on Black Friday (23rd Nov) on 12" via Pirate's Press Records. You can vote to nominate which charities benefit : 

  The A side is on Bandcamp :

  "How many more fucking children have to die?" ask the band. Powerful stuff and speaking as a Brit I find it absolutely absurd that the American government are so much under the thumb of the gun lobby that their answer to the problem seems to be "let's have even more guns!". Absolutely batshit crazy, though it seems the majority don't care enough to effect change. This is Mass Apathy...

All told, it’s just a scam
They’re selling values from the back of a van
We line up for a front row seat to the sham
Synthetic sympathy and internet blame
We bury kids and we say “it’s a shame”
Concern lasts less than murderers minutes of fame
Innocent lives just fodder for a meme
Totality imminent, there’s no in between
Reason has disappeared behind computer screens
Have you ever walked through the ICU past beds of kids the bullets tore through
A comatose friend with a bullet in his head and very low chance that he would live
It can all change in the blink of an eye, try to duck when the bullets fly by
All the time, senseless crimes and you're arguing like senseless minds
Here we go, one more round.
Another shot, another down.
How many more fuckin children have to die?
There're just kids, not enemies.
Ignorance, the worst disease.
Cock 'em back, let 'em fuckin fly.

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  1. Working class and Oi both suck. Really fucking boring. Punks shouldn't wear shorts. Looks so fucking dumb.