Friday, 10 August 2018

The Briefs - Kids Laugh At You


  Bit of a rush job today as I've been stuck in traffic for 2 hours on my way home from work and as I pretty much never decide beforehand what song I'm going to post and therefore have nothing prepared and haven't really got enough time to research an obscure band today I'm posting something you've all probably heard by someone you all probably know but which hopefully you'll all enjoy anyway (I'm sure that opening paragraph deserved some punctuation but sod it, I'm in a rush!).

  The Briefs are the Seattle band who play '77 inspired punk rock and who've been very much conspicuous by their absence for the last decade or so. They released some of this millennium's best albums (Hit After Hit, Off The Charts, Sex Objects, Steal Yer Heart) before seemingly going their seperate ways (Chris Brief to Suspect Parts, Daniel J Travanti to Sharp Objects (been waiting far too long for a second album from them!) and Steve E Nix & Stevie Kicks to The Cute Lepers).

  You can get more info on them here :

  Earlier this month they were over in Europe where amongst other triumphant gigs they graced the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. To coincide with this flurry of live activity they've released their first new music in over 10 years, a 7" single that's on Taken By Surprise Records and which you can find here :

  Despite the length of time between releases, they're still as vital as ever. This is Kids Laugh At You...

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