Saturday, 4 August 2018

Negative Scanner - Nose Picker

   Listening to various Global Punk Network shows last week, it was hard to miss the song you're getting today (I think it featured on 3 seperate shows). It's by a post-punk 4 piece from Chicago, Illinois, called Negative Scanner and it's the title track of their excellent new album. The band line up with Rebecca Valeriano-Flores (vocals/guitar), Matthew Revers (guitar), Nick Beaudoin (bass) and Tom Cassling (drums) and they formed in 2012 following the break up of Flores and Cassling's previous band Tyler Jon Tyler. Flores is also in a hardcore punk band called Cyber Pink ( and features alongside Coneheads' Mark Winter in Super Stupids.

  Their debut album was a Self Title affair which came out in 2015 ("furious and snarling post-punk in the vein of Wipers/Siouxsie And The Banshees). Recent follow up, Nose Picker, came out a couple of weeks ago. Both are on Trouble In Mind Records, the latest being on limited edition snot green vinyl

  You can find digital versions of both albums here :

  The album kicks off with a cry of "Is there anybody there?" finishes with the flushing of a toilet and sandwiched in between has 12 powerful tracks. This is one of them, Nose Picker...

You’re picking sides like you pick your nose. Easy enough when you got nothing to lose. You think you’re invincible. Nuh uh, nuh uh, nuh uh. ‘Well, I can change! I can change my mind.’ You think you’re always right. Well, so did I, so did I, so did I. You’re always scared you’ll get caught in a lie but your whole life is a lie. ‘Well, I can change! I can change my mind.’ Do you want to change? Or would you rather break?

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