Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Modern Enemy - They Can't Control

  Modern Enemy are a hardcore punk band from California who are currently over this side of the pond touring the UK, some of you may have seen them last week at The Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. They've gigs this week in Sunderland, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin (details :  https://www.facebook.com/modernenemy/)

  Featuring Phil (vocals), Jake (bass), Kyle (guitar) and Skot (drums) their high energy, in your face sound is influenced by the likes of The Faith, Social Unrest, Jerry's Kids, DOA, MDC, Circle Jerks etc. Hearing them for the first time, it isn't a surprise to learn that they're from Orange County.

  With their Bandcamp page proclaiming Freedom Isn't Free...Question Everything...Think For Yourself, you can expect songs that fire off verbal volleys of piss and vinegar at various deserving targets. Whether it be Walls (break 'em all down), Guns (throw down your weapons) or title track Rise And Fall (the left and the right, they just don't know when to quit), they state their viewpoint both firmly and in a straight forward, common sense way that it's very hard to disagree with. They've recently released their new album, the aforementioned Rise And Fall, and you can find it here :  https://modernenemy.bandcamp.com/album/rise-and-fall

  It contains plenty of great songs that'll get you bouncing around, pretty much all of which I could have highlighted today. The one I'm going with is short, fast, furious and benefits from some great gang backing vocals. It's called They Can't Control...

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