Friday, 3 August 2018

Future Girls - Middle America


  Future Girls are a 4 piece from Halifax, Nova Scotia who describe their sound as "bummer punk" and who's songs deal with themes of gender dysphoria, depression and geographical isolation. The line up features Matty Grace (vocals/guitar), Heather Grant (vocals/guitar), Dewayne Shanks (drums) and Coleman Johnston (bass/vocals). They cite as influences the likes of Superchunk, Measure (SA) and Tenement.

  They formed in 2015 and recently released debut album Motivation Problems. 12 tracks, fuzzed up guitars, serious lyrics but wrapped up in catchy tunes. They'd have been darlings of the alt rock charts a couple of decades ago. Available via Dirt Cult Records (a label that is building up one hell of a catalogue of releases) you can get it on cassette here : or digitally here :

  For more info check out their Facebook page :

  There's a few songs I was thinking about sharing below, in the end I went for Middle America...

neighbours argue every night 
about what is or isn't right  
dead dial tones and bitter words  
everybody gets what they deserve  
a barren field of ashed out cigarettes  
our best days still haven't found us yet  
because we're crossed out and off the map  
to say  
and I remember  
when everything felt different in the day-to-day  
another december  
black us out and wander through the same  

i guess it bothers me today

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