Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Žulj - Država

  Some of you may have heard that it's the World Cup Semi Final later today. England play Croatia with the winner going through to contest the final on Sunday against France. For today's update I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and look for a new song by a Croatian band and this is what I came up with.

  Žulj are from Rijeka, formed in 2015 and are a hardcore punk band writing angry, political songs reflecting their views of the wrongs in their country. They're a 5 piece diy outfit with a line up of Oli (vocals), Jure (bass), Juresko (guitar), Bager (guitar) and Karolina (drums). They released their debut album, Vlazne Pjesme, in 2016 and have recently followed it up with Resetiraj Civilizaciju (Reset Civilization). You can snap up both albums "name your price" on Bandcamp : 

  For more info on the band here's a link to their Facebook page :žulj-197444563984952/

  This song is titled Država (Translates as either State or Country depending on what mood google seems to be in!)... 

Ona ne pita 
i ništa ne moli! 
Ona izdaje naredbe! 
Izdaje naredbe! 

Šta nam je to država dala? 
Radost? LJubav? Sigurnost? Ne! 
Šta nam je to država dala? 
Tugu, jad i strahove! 

Ako ne platiš 
ono što traži 
država ti oduzme sve 
oduzme sve!
google translation : 
She does not ask 
and pray no more! 
She issues commands! 
Issue commands! 

What did the state give us? 
Joy? Love? Security? Not! 
What did the state give us? 
Regret, misery and fears! 

If you do not pay 
what the 
state wants you to take, everything 
takes away everything! 

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  1. Thank you man! We're glad you published this. Viva!