Friday, 20 July 2018

Youth Killed It - What's So Great, Britain?

(photo Ray Roberts)

  Youth Killed It are a 5 piece indie punk band featuring members from Norwich and London. Their line up features Jack Murphy (vocals), Carlos Montero (lead guitar), Ben Ford (drums), Josh Taylor (rhythm guitar) and Josh Thexton (bass).

   They released their debut album, Modern Bollotics, last year (, their upbeat brand of indie rock mixed with pop punk earning them plenty of positive reviews.

  In October they'll be releasing the follow up, it'll be on Rude Records and titled What's So Great, Britain? and there'll be a tour to promote it. You can get more details here :

  To check out a few of the new songs and to pre order head over to Bandcamp :

  This song is the title track and it's an infectious summertime anthem with lyrics that are very relevant to where we as a country currently find ourselves. It's called What's So Great, Britain?

Three nations divided in two under one banner 
Old school views but we live in a new manor 
Traditional values, have to evolve or stand like statues 
But we don’t have to lose what’s great about Britain 
Big guitar bands and comical villains 
Maybe we could stop highlighting people that preach hate 
They only make things worse mate 

We only won the world cup once 
And now we’re living like we’re out in front 
But we don’t make anything anymore 
But we still expect it all 
We’re set up for a big fall, yeah 

We’re divided into rich and poor 
The rich are getting richer and the poor don’t care anymore 
Just look at the recent political scores 
We’re forward thinking and it’s time to change 
Educate ourselves and change our ways 
Subculture’s working class anyways 
Because culture belongs to those who didn’t have anything anyway 
Who didn’t have anything anyway 

(So tell me what's so Great, Britain?) 

And we’re a complicated sibling 
Who doesn’t know how to fit in 
So we cause so many problems 
Fighting with our kin 
And we just need to be held 
And stop this island syndrome 
Before we cut the chord 
And end up on our own.

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