Sunday, 1 July 2018

Wonder Bread - I Hate Punk Rock


  Today's song is one I played last year on the Just Some Punk Songs show but it's resurfaced again on a new 7" titled Complete Solid Gold Hits and this time around it's made it onto the blog. The ep highlights some of the band's best songs (plus there's a new song on there too) so it's a great way to introduce you all to Wonder Bread. You can find the 7" here :

  Wonder Bread is the brainchild of Matt Ferrera. Not your typical punk outfit, the music is budget price electronica with a snotty attitude. The lyrics riff along the lines of "I hate punk rock, I hate Buzzcocks, I hate Ramones...." Also on the list of hated bands are the likes of Discharge, Black Flag, Wire, Void etc. Matt's not looking to appear cool, he thinks your favourite bands suck. He loves prog rock, if you don't like Steely Dan, you can fuck off. He's taking no prisoners, you're all fucking posers!

  You can check out the ep in digital format here :

  This is I Hate Punk Rock.....

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