Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Wolf Bites Boy - This is England

  As last week's Just Some Punk Songs show was a pop punk special, the show I'll be bringing you later today will be a little heavier hitting. As usual, it'll be an hour of new punk releases plus a golden oldie. Also on this week's show will be at least 4 as of yet unreleased exclusives that have kindly been sent to me and which I'm excited to let you have a first listen of. One of the songs will be by the band on today's update though it'll be a different one to the song you'll find below. Details of what will be a great hour of new music are here :  https://www.facebook.com/events/284786845589722/

  Wolf Bites Boy are the West Midlands oi/street punk 4 piece that have appeared on here several times before and are without doubt one of my favourite current bands. I don't really need to give you much info about them again, just either search for their updates on here or visit Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/wbboi/

  What I will tell you is that in less than 2 weeks they'll be returning again to play the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool and during the course of what will no doubt be a blistering set they'll be playing songs from their upcoming new album, The Story So Far.....

  The album will feature 7 brand new studio tracks (a number of which I've been sent and which are excellent) plus a live studio session of gig favourites. About 17 tracks in all plus a poem by Adrian Noon.

  One of the new songs now has an accompanying video. Like many of their best songs this is a look back in time... a tale of the working class, broken dreams from a broken city. I'm sure the crowd will be singing along at Rebellion. This Is England...

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