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Top 10 Songs Chosen By Will Meakins (BKS / Magogmagore)

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  From Kent, Will Meakins pounds the drums for a number of bands including death metal outfit Magogmagore ( and the band that featured on here a couple of days ago, BKS ( A bit of feedback from that BKS song was "54 seconds long and 5 seconds of guitar reverb at the end, fast, loud and I'll be checking out more!!"

  You probably won't be surprised to hear that Will's Top 10 features some fairly heavy songs (or to quote the man himself "It's gonna be a strange and eclectic list so don't judge me."

  Anyway, enough of me, over to Will...

This is my top 10 tunes. It always fluctuates and changes with time, but most of these songs are those that I will keep coming back to.

1: Bad Brains - Supertouch/Shitfit.

This was the first proper ‘hardcore’ song I ever heard, and it was pretty much entirely down to Bad Brains that I’m even in a hardcore band in the first place. I owe a lot to this song- the whole album in fact. It still sounds as raw and fucking angry now as it did 30+ years ago.

2: Led Zeppelin - Thank You.

I’ll probably always love Led Zep as they were one of the first bands I can remember hearing. My parents were bikers so I grew up listening to all the classics (and also Kate Bush). This song I was totally unaware of till last year when someone at work gave me Led Zeppelin 2 on vinyl, and my god, that bright guitar tone had me hooked. It’s just a shame half of that album is stolen blues riffs…

3: Knocked Loose - All my Friends.

This band are a total marmite type of thing. I personally love the urgent, (if a bit squeaky) vocals, combined with the sludgy, down tempo music. They’re most known for that song where he barks like a dog- and people take the piss, but this song is amazing to me. There’s this bit just before the end where the lyrics read: ‘All my friends have problems with themselves- they all talk about it, nothing helps. They tuck it deep inside, so no-one can see. Then they think about later in their fucking dreams…’ Love that line.

4: The Black Dahlia Murder - Funeral Thirst.

A trip into melodic black metal now- these guys I first heard in 2006 as a tender 17 year old, and I’ve always loved this song. I spent hours in my parents’ studio (dining room) trying to nail those fucking blasts. My brother and I used to try and play this with him on guitar and me on drums, and it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Skip to about 2 minutes for the main song if you don’t want to listen to the intro.

5: Alexisonfire - Dog’s Blood.

I have loved Alexisonfire since I was in secondary school. The Dog’s Blood EP came out in 2009ish and then they broke up. I love the way this song swells and builds towards the end.

6: The Wonder Years (not Beers) - I won’t say the Lord’s Prayer.

 This song just sums up how I feel about religion so well: ‘If we’re all just christians or lions, I think I’d rather be on the side with sharper teeth. I don’t need saving.’ Quality band and one of the very few (it seems) New pop punk bands who’s singer isn’t a piece of shit predator. Haha I even commented on the video for this. How sad.

7: Eyehategod - Blank.

Too good.

8: Beastie Boys - Girls.

Aside from the ‘Algio E Olio’ EP, this is hands down the best thing the Beastie Boys ever made. Plus, it was one of the songs we had on repeat on our (BKS) first ever weekend up north. It’s sexist, and stupid and shitty but great.

9: Six foot Ditch - Six Feet Deep.

I heard this on a beatdown playlist on spotify once and I loved the sheer ridiculousness of it. Got me into the whole Beatdown/LBU/Ruction scene in it’s own way (even If they aren’t/weren’t part of it- I don’t know).

10: Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf.

This song is just great. Love the tempo changes and the fucking sexual bass guitar work. The whole of master of reality is basically the blueprint for every stoner band and I love it.

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