Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Three Dimensional Tanx (3D Tanx) - His Latest Apparatus


  So, festival season is upon us. The Uk's biggest punk gathering of the year, Rebellion, is just around the corner. But, if like me, you're getting married next month, or you have other reasons why you can't afford to splash out on 4 nights in Blackpool, you may be interested to hear about a free 2 day festival taking place just 20 miles down the road in Lancaster this weekend. Punk And Disorderly is in it's 7th year. Granted you won't find the likes of Pil, Stiff Little Fingers, Lagwagon etc turning out for a bit of beer money but there are some damn good bands playing, several who have already graced this blog (Litterbug, The Underdogs, Xtract, The Sentence...) and one band that will be featuring today. The festival takes place this Friday and Saturday at The Bobbin pub in Lancaster and will be well worth attending if you're anywhere nearby. You can find more details here :

  Three Dimensional Tanx (or 3D Tanx if you prefer the truncated version) are from Lancaster, they feature a line up of Spacey, Loz, Sean, Richard and Pete. Their new album (their 5th) came out a few days ago. Titled A Compulsion For Propulsion it's been picking up some great feedback from the likes of Mojo, Louder Than War etc. They've been getting comparisons such as "Buzzcocks go Neu! or Stereolab at the wrong speed" and "Buzzcocks, Swell Maps and especially Wire are reference points." They aren't your typical punk band. They combine elements of punk with space rock, krautrock, psychedelia, garage, post-punk....their sound is a veritable cornucopia of styles, their influences are many. You could definitely do a lot worse than spend your Saturday night watching them headline a free punk festival.

  You can get more info on them here :

  Check out their music, including the new album, here :

  Below you'll find a video for the opening track from the new album, as I mentioned earlier, it's not your typical punk sound, it's much more interesting than that. This is His Latest Apparatus...

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