Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The Sueves - Never Been To The Beach


  Usually following the broadcast of the Just Some Punk Songs show I'll post a song which went down particularly well with the listeners in the chatroom. Today's update features one of those.

  The Sueves are a garage influenced punk band from Chicago who've been together for around 6 years and who's line up features Joe Schorgi (vocals/ guitar) Tim Thomas (drums) and Rob Piskac (bass). Their sound sees them compared to the likes of The Reatards, Hot Snakes, Stooges etc.

  Amongst their releases are 2016 debut album Change Your Life and the single (Stare) which came out earlier this year on Goodbye Boozy. The song you're getting today though was on their second album, R.I.P. Clearance Sail. It came out in March on Hozac Records and you can find it here :  https://thesueveschicago.bandcamp.com/album/r-i-p-clearance-event

  This is one of those songs that are best played loud thus allowing you to get the full effect of that pounding drum beat and scuzzy guitar. There's been some great garage punk releases this year (from bands like The Cavemen, Hood Rats etc...) and this is definitely one of them. It's called Never Been To The Beach...

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