Saturday, 14 July 2018

The Shifters - Work/Life, Gym Etc


  Yet another cool band from Australia, yet another cool band from Melbourne.

  The Shifters play "alternative drunk pop, jazzy ciggies, neo country jams" They're a 5 piece featuring Tristan Davies (bass/guitar/melodica), Chris Gray (bass), Ryan Coffey (drums/vocals), Miles Jansen (vocals/guitar/melodica) and Louise Russell (keys/vocals).

  They've previously released a couple of 7" singles and a demo cassette but in September will be stepping things up when they unveil their debut album. It'll be titled Have A Cunning Plan and if the song you'll find below is any indication it'll be definitely worth checking out. It'll be available via Trouble In Mind Records and you can pre order it here : 
orange vinyl :
digital :

  You can get more info on the band's Facebook page :

  The only thing I'd heard by them previously was the song Creggan Shops (it reminded me a lot of The Fall). This new song is called Work/Life, Gym Etc and still has that rambling brain worm aura about it. The lyrics are observationally spot on and wryly humourous and the keyboards are pleasantly nagging. All in all a very promising outrider for the upcoming album. 


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