Monday, 25 June 2018

Rabid Dogs - Hangin' Around


  I was listening to Wayne Elliott's excellent Pulsebeat show a few weeks ago (I've just checked and it was this show : and he played a band that was new to me called Rabid Dogs. Very impressive thought I. I'll definitely be getting them on the blog thought I.... And then I forgot. But after seeing them mentioned elsewhere they're back at the forefront of my mind and here they are for your listening pleasure.

  They're a 4 piece from Melbourne featuring Kate Curtis, Al Smith, Kerk Scotczer and Lee Parker. It's vocalist Kate's first band but the others have played in outfits such as Gentlemen, Geld, Kromosom, Miss Destiny, Teargas, Lakes and TOL (all of which are unknown to me).

  Back in January they released a S/T 7" ep on Aarght Records. 4 catchy garage  punk stompers, all of which would have been good enough to post at the bottom of this update. Don't take my word for it, go find out for yourselves....

  The lead track, No Fun, was already on Youtube so I thought I'd add the song I heard on Wayne's show (it deserves to be on there). This is Hangin' Around.... 

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