Sunday, 6 May 2018

EkeBuba - Phone Book Killer

  Whilst I was in Lancaster on Friday watching Autonomads, Bratakus and Dark Days my fellow Global Punk Network presenter Wayne Elliott was at The Library in Oxford checking out EkeBuba and The Celetoids. He was highly impressed by both and as I've already featured a song from Croatian band The Celetoids ( today I'll post something by their fellow countrymen.

  From Zagreb, EkeBuba released a 2015 ep titled Lana G. The following year they returned with the Rat Bite cassette. You can find it here :

  There was also a limited edition 2017 European Tour cassette.

  Describing themselves as speed punk and earning comparisons to the Reatards, the band are a manic buzzbomb of frantic noise. A glance at song titles such as Braindead, Booze and I'm An Addict would lead you to the conclusion that they're a good old fashioned bunch of diy rock n rollers hyped up to the max and you'd be right to think that. They don't fuck around, only one song on the Rat Bite cassette stretches past the 2 minute mark. The rest fly past in the blink of an eye (I'm sure if Wayne was writing this he'd tell you that their live shows are 20 manic minutes of flailing arms and sweaty bodies). Hopefully I'll catch them myself one day.

  This song is called Phone Book Killer...

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