Thursday, 29 March 2018

Royal Brat - Snowball

(photo by Kelsey Reckling)

  Royal Brat are "queer femme punk lizards straight outta Minneapolis and sort of  Missouri too..." Their line up features Alex Uhrich (vocals), Clara Salyer (guitar), Shannon Boyer (bass) and Conor Burke (drums). In 2015 hey released the 5 track Negative Bone cassette on No Problem Records and last year ended with them teasing their new material with a demo version of Virgin. You can check those out here :

  Virgin resurfaced last month as part of their debut album. Titled Eyesore, the album is available from Moniker Records and you can find it here :

  Bouyed by a bunch of great reviews for the album, they're currently touring and you can check details here :

  This song is called Snowball, feel free to get out your pom poms and chant along.....

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