Sunday, 4 March 2018

Rats From A Sinking Ship - Cursory Rhymes

  Today you're getting a song that went down a storm on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show. I've been hanging on to post it on here as I was promised an early listen to the new album that it's taken from. Now that I've heard the album I can shout from the rooftops why you should all be excited about what will surely be one of 2018's best releases.

  Rats From A Sinking Ship are Lusty (vocals), Jamie Price (guitars), Steveo (bass) and DMT (beats). They're from Ilkeston in Derbyshire and appeared on here in 2016 with a great song that called for Tony Blair to get his just desserts (  What do they sound like? They mix punk with elements of rap and metal, I can see hints of Rage Against The Machine in there. It's more modern sounding than the typical old school '77 style punk so should appeal to a broader canvas but will still be equally beloved of traditionalists.

  Fast forward to 2018 and they're preparing to release their 3rd album. Titled Fight The Future, it'll be available on March 17th. Topics covered include the special relationship between the US and UK, The Sun, standing together to get rid of the monarchy and Katie Fucking Hopkins. As you will notice, whilst their songs deal with serious issues, they aren't afraid to add humour into the mix.  You can get more info here :

  One of the songs on Fight The Future is a cover, I won't say what it is but the original is a classic that pretty much all of you will know and love and it mixes humour with riotous activity. It's a must hear and it'll be getting it's first play on tonight's Just Some Punk Songs show (8pm gmt, details here :

  This was the video they released to whet your appetites for the album, bloody good it is too. This is Cursory Rhymes....

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