Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Get The Net - Runaway Train

  Get The Net appeared on here just over a year ago with a song from their debut album Breakers. They're back today with the title track from new ep Runaway Train and I think it's fair to say that whilst it's still a pleasingly diy sounding pop punk record, it's a step up from the album. You can get both releases "name your price" here :

  From New Jersey, they're the brainchild of Bright & Barrow Records founder Ryan Raichilson (he writes, sings, plays all the instruments except drums on the odd track, produces and even designs the record cover!). Straight out of the basement pop punk aimed at fans of Teenage Bottlerocket or pretty much any other band that writes catchy, melodic tunes about girls.

  This is Runaway Train.....

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