Monday, 26 February 2018

Negative Option - Today I Joined The Sweet


  Negative Option are a "diy art-punk shambles" from Portland, Oregon. Or at least they were till vocalist Ted decided to retire from music. The other 3 band members, Erika (bass), Jeramy (guitar) and Brian (drums) are taking time out to regroup but are planning on continuing in some form.

  As far as I'm aware, their only release is the 7 track Present Workers cassette which you can get for 5 dollars on Bandcamp. Alternatively the digital version is available "name your price."

  Released in December, it's pretty damned good and therefore it's a shame that they won't be recording anything else with that line up. They play staccato post punk whilst frontman Ted reminds me somewhat of B52's vocalist Fred Schneider. My favourite song on the ep is the closing track. Platform heels, Wig Wam Bam, Fox On The Run......

  This is Today I Joined The Sweet   

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