Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Diana Radar - Sex Sells


  When I started this blog back at the end of 2013 it was just supposed to be somewhere that I'd collect together a bunch of songs that I liked. I didn't intend to write much but thought I better at least do a couple of lines otherwise what was the point. I certainly didn't expect people would get in touch and ask me to review stuff. I've never been a reviewer, I wouldn't really know how to convey why I like something so basically I say here's a song, here's a bit of info about the band and here's where you can get the record from. When on the odd occasion people have asked me to review stuff, not wanting to say no I've tried my best to oblige. Problem is, recently I've been getting lots of people asking. I'm very grateful to them for giving as monkeys what I think and for thinking Just Some Punk Songs is somewhere they want their music to appear (very very grateful actually) but I'm getting a backlog of stuff to post. Ideally I want to get back to posting the songs that I've discovered myself whilst maybe squeezing the occasional request in. I've a few that I've promised to feature (bear with me if you're waiting, I'll get there eventually) but after that? Who knows. I'm tempted to say no to everyone who asks but then I'd feel a twat. Maybe instead of asking,  people could post their music in the New Punk Rock Music group on Facebook then I could listen without feeling under pressure to post it. Maybe I could post 2 songs a day but there's only me and I just haven't got the time (and asking you guys to check out more than 1 song a day could be a bit much). I could try and post all requests but then the backlog grows and I'd end up posting stuff that isn't to my taste. I suppose it's a better problem to have than in the early days of the blog when there were often only a couple dozen vews a day.

  I just want to post music that gets me excited and help it reach a wider audience so if I have to start saying no to people, I'll feel shitty but maybe it's the only way to go? I've turned Friday's over to guest reviewers so it's not me picking the songs. Thoughts anyone?

  Sorry for waffling on, let's get to some music. Frank Trobbiani asked me to listen to a band he's helping out, they're from Melbourne and they're called Diana Radar.

  After starting off in 2014 as a 4 piece playing garage influenced rock they underwent a few line up changes before settling on the current line up of Rory, Jay, Luke and Wes. They decided to move in together and share a house whilst at the same time focusing on playing live. You can get more info on them here : 

  The one annoying thing about the band is that vocalist Rory Trobbiani's vocals remind me very much of someone else and I'll be damned if I can think who. They've a new single out and that's the song I'm featuring today. This is Sex Sells....

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