Friday, 9 February 2018

Black Mambas - Lusty Lady (Reviewed By Ed Stuart)

  When Radiohearts' frontman Ed Stuart sent me a guest review of a song by RMBLR a few weeks ago he slipped in a second review of a song by Los Angeles rockers Black Mambas. (If anyone has a recent favourite punk song they want to guest review get in touch).  It's taken from their Moderation album :

  You can find out more about them, including their upcoming gig with The Dickies, here :

  This was What Ed had to say....

  The leather jacket wearing LA rock n’ rollers are back with a proper LP, Disconnected, released last year. This LP does more with eight songs than most bands do with twelve. “Lusty Lady” is like a second coming of Dr. Feelgood and Eddie and The Hot Rods with early Kids, Saints and Chuck Berry ‘50’s riffs all mixed in. It’s a like a sock hop dance party with switchblades instead of poodle skirts. Who knows that's where they hide the knives. “Lusty Lady” is a very good song on a very good LP.

Black Mambas have been honing their chops playing backyard parties before they graduated to playing Japan last year. Mambas were part of the Wild Records crew, but now Disconnected put out their Moderation LP. Black Mambas have always been known for their high paced no frills ‘50’s meets ’77 punk rock n’ roll. If Rebel With A Cause was re-made today, Black Mambas should be the soundtrack for the drag race.

  This is Lusty Lady....

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