Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Ubik - Andrew Bolt's Twitter Account


  Ubik are from Melbourne and feature a line up of Ashleigh Wyatt (vocals), Tessa Tribe (guitar), Nellie Pearson (bass/vocals) and Max Kohane (drums). You may know of them from bands such as Masses, Agents Of Abhorance or Red Red Kroovy.

  They introduced themselves at the back end of 2016 with a demo on Lost In Fog Records and a couple of those tracks have found their way onto the recently released S/T ep. You can find this now on Aarght Records though it'll be April before French label Symphony Of Destruction Records release it in Europe. If you want the digital version of either release then they're "name your price" on Bandcamp :   https://ubikpunk.bandcamp.com/ 

  I'm not sure if they take their name from the 1969 Phillip K Dick novel though it's a fair bet and I'm sure that the author would empathise with the lyrical content of the song you'll see below. It's about paranoia and mistrust in the modern age, all topped off with a deliciously dark post punk musical backing.

  This is Andrew Bolt's Twitter Account....

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