Sunday, 21 January 2018

The COPS - Repeat Offender


  The COPS are a cop-punk band from  Houston, Texas,  "enforcing punk rock and disorderly conduct."  They're a bunch of correctional officers who when not on duty as the punk police moonlight in a number of other local bands such as Talk Sick Punks, Muhammadali, Killer Hearts, Poizon etc.

  Next month they'll be releasing (from a jail cell?) their debut album. Titled First Offence, you can pre order it from Artificial Head Records, though be quick as there's only 400 copies on blue vinyl so they're sure to be on the most wanted list.

  For side one of the album the line up featured Tony Fulco, Jeff Smith, Geo White and Phillip Smaller, for side 2 vocalist Fulco and bassist Smith are joined by rookie cops Brandon Barger, Halston Luna and Casey Kemp.

  With the album's tracklist being full of songs with titles such as Life On The Beat, Protect And Serve, Night Stick etc, it'd be easy to look upon them as a more law abiding version of Wisconsin pop punkers Masked Intruder and whilst there are similarities (songs about law and order rather than a life of crime, dressing as cops rather than criminals etc) The COPS whilst also being fun, produce a slightly more rocking sound. Reviews that I've seen mention comparisons with The Ramones but also with the likes of Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and The Misfits. My opinion, go make your own mind up with the song they granted early parole to....

  This is Repeat Offender :

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