Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Cavemen - Lust for Evil

  One of the most popular bands that I play on the Just Some Punk Songs show are New Zealand garage punks The Cavemen. They've appeared on here before so I can make this introduction short and point you in the direction of their back catalogue :

  I'll also mention that they'll be touring Brazil, Mexico, The USA and Europe this year as well as releasing a new album in the spring titled NUKE EARTH! For more details check out Facebook 

  Will they have matured on the new album? Will they dial down the trashiness and the sleaze? If the new video is any indication the answer is a great big Hell No! What we will get is a bunch of great songs, all done in the best possible taste!

  This is Lust For Evil and it's devilishly good fun....

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