Sunday, 14 January 2018

Savage Beat - Trench Warfare


  Savage Beat are one of numerous exciting new oi/street punk bands that are currently springing up from all corners of the globe. They're from Amsterdam and were formed by songwriter/bassist Rogier Heumakers who has previously been in bands such as The Shining, Rupsband, Rinus Michels, Open Wounds etc.

  He's put together a line up featuring ex Wanderlust members Paul Helmus (guitar) and Lionn (drums) plus guitarist Steven Van Der Werff ( Lords Of Altamont) and lead vocalist Marko Petrovic ( The Works).

  Last year they released their debut ep, it's titled Trench Warfare and it's available through French independent label Evil Has Landed Records, Rebellion Records or name your price on Bandcamp :

  The ep features 6 tracks top notch of rock n oi music about drinking all night long, being sick of everything (most of all you) and questioning what you're gonna do when the pressure's on. The vocals are in your face and whilst not being quite as retro sounding as Hard Wax, the music is rooted in old style classic rock n roll with a hint of glam. All in all definitely a band to watch out for (I hear they're planning to be back in the recording studio soon).

  This is the title track of the ep, it's about the cruelty of war with generations of young men being sent to die in the trenches. It combines hard hitting commentary with one hell of a chorus and it's called Trench Warfare.....

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