Monday, 15 January 2018

Orange Bomb - School Disco

  Orange Bomb are a 4 piece D.I.Y. punk pop garageband from Surrey featuring a line up of Martin Holmes (vocals), Rob Allbeury (guitar), Matt Harriman (drums) and Andy Marling (bass). Originally a duo formed from the ashes of The Wot Nots their debut album was titled (One) and you can check it out here :

  The follow up, featuring the expanded line up, was titled Brighton and is available here :

  Last March they returned with album number 3, it's called Pop Heavy and it's more of the usual catchy melodies combined with pithy lyrics. Expect Wry Observationalistic alt stylings rather than typically glossy pop punk. It's storytelling with quirky characters and plenty of nostalgia. It'll leave you with a warm glow. They're always looking for good gigs with likeminded bands so if you can help then give them a shout.

  This song is about a chap called Richard Household who invented a girlfriend and to avoid being caught out at the school disco he told everyone she had died. With lyrical couplets such as "Up to number 3 The Jam's Eton Rifles, Tracy's breasts wobbling like trifles" and shout outs to the likes of Midge Ure, Haircut 100, Boy George (he must be a girl!) etc, it'll transport you back in time.

  This is School Disco....

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