Friday, 5 January 2018

Mod Vigil - Driving is Easy (Reviewed By Rich Cocksedge)

  Friday is guest review day and today you're getting a review from Rich Cocksedge. Rich is a contributer at Razorcake/Gorsky Press, Inc but today he's gracing this blog to give his thoughts on a self titled album from Mod Vigil.

 You can check out some of Rich's Razorcake contributions here  :

  Over to you Rich.....

  I came across this gem whilst perusing through Al Quint’s list of top ten albums in 2017.  I listened to the track he’d linked to his list, “Cut Bag”, and was soon ordering a copy of the album for myself.  This Aussie trio hit hard and fast with a trebly attack which at times hints at post-punk but mostly is adrenalin fuelled, edgy garage punk barely retaining control of itself.

  Mod Vigil is actually the name of a drug, which is used to combat narcolepsy, and it seems to be the perfect name for this band, intent on delivering an aural assault lasting 20 minutes. Some might consider this a form of torture if one is of a fragile disposition but this hits all of the right spots for me.

  The song which is sticking with me the most at the moment is “Driving is Easy” and fortunately this is the only one I could actually find a video for. 

  The version of the song on the video is in no way as good as that on the album (linked below to allow comparison) but certainly gives an idea of what these Aussies are about. 

  This was recorded on a Tascam four track in the house of guitarist/vocalist Tim Wold. Now I am no expert, in fact I am probably pushing it to say I am even an amateur when it comes to understanding recording techniques, but those four tracks have been used expertly to convey the franticness of the band. I give my thanks to Al Quint and his Suburban Voice blog for pointing me in the direction of this band.

  The full album can found here.

  The LP is out on X-Mist (Germany) and the CD comes via Off The Hip (Melbourne).  

  Driving Is Easy....

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