Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Jaws - Jaws


  I played today's song on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show and a week or two later received a message from a member of the band asking me how I'd found out about a local New Jersey band. The honest answer is, I can't remember though I'm sure it was just a case of too much time spent scouring the net. Anyway, hopefully today is the day plenty more people discover this local New Jersey band.

  Jaws (don't confuse them with any of the other bands with the same name) tag themselves as being a thrash/hardcore band. They line up with Blake Hall (vocals), John Grotheer (drums/backing vocals), Dillon Paquin (guitar/backing vocals) and Julian Barriga (bass/backing vocals).

  To find out more about them (and to avoid clicking on other bands with the same name) here's their Facebook page :

  Back in July they released their debut ep, it features 7 short and ferocious tracks with plenty of bite and it's called Man Overboard. Go reel it in here :

  There's something in the water. By Jaws, this is called Jaws.....

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