Friday, 12 January 2018

BRAIN ANGUISH - Smells Like Middle Aged Angst (Guest Review By Tony SD Whatley)


  Tony SD Whatley aka Tony Suspect is the man behind the excellent Suspect Device zine. If you love your punk music loud and hard then you're probably already familiar with the zine but if you've not come across it yet then you should click here : 

  One of the things to watch out for are the regular podcasts that Suspect Device put out. I was listening to the latest one, a round up of some of 2017's best releases, when I got to the closing track and thought "Damn! I need that on the blog." I also thought I'd ask Tony to do it justice by penning the review.

  Here's the Podcast for you to enjoy, download and share around....

  And here's Tony's review of a great song from a very promising band....

BRAIN ANGUISH - Smells Like Middle-Aged Angst

If ever there was a song that perfectly captured how I feel about the world in 2017, it’s this one. To set the tone, Brain Anguish are a two piece - Brian (Disaffect) and Angus (Sedition) - who are old enough to remember the dark days of Thatcher’s Britain, so to get to the 21st Century and find that things haven’t moved on much is enough to make you want to shout. And they do; the first two lines are “Feels like we’re back in the 1980s / We’re still angry, we’re still angry!”

The music is a driving and hard hitting punk rock masterpiece, all chugging, chunky guitars with gruff and desperate sounding duel vocals hammering the angry lyrics home, and if you didn’t know they utilise a drum machine you’d have thought a was a real kit being pounded into the ground. There are also samples to emphasise their message; at the start is the Tory tabloid mantras of “benefit sanctions, brexit, dementia tax’ and “bring back fox hunting”, then half way through there’s “Is she personally prepared to authorise a nuclear strike that could kill a hundred thousand innocent men, women and children?” followed by a chilling answer from Theresa May of “Yes!”

The song climaxes with a repeated chant of “We’re still angry!” Perfectly summing up the rage I feel towards our own government and their uncaring attitude and blatant lying. I can, and often do, listen to this over and over; it helps I think, to know that there are others out there filled with the same anger.

You can find it name your price here  :

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