Friday, 29 December 2017

White Trash - Kill The Cool Kids (Reviewed By Shane Creech)

  The last guest review of 2017 is by Shane Creech. Shane founded Never Be Quiet Records in 2016 with the intention of releasing music by some of the south coast of England's best bands. Bands in the NBQ family include The Crash Landings, Kill The Colossi and The Mistakes. As well as running the label, Shane plays guitar with The Mistakes and is gearing up for the imminent release of their new album, Anti Social Media.

  The song that Shane's reviewing is by Bristol band White Trash. It's the flip side of their recent Reverse Engineering single. You can get more details here :

  Over to you Shane....

It's Chrisssssstmas! Well, actually it isn't anymore but it may as well be because my ears are getting a very unexpected present. I'm listening to White Trash "Kill All The Cool Kids" over a can of Kronenbourg and I'm having a fucking great time. Made up of ex members of The Computers, White Trash are a relatively new band but their experience as band members and their talent for song writing shines through immediately. I'm a huge Damned fan (after listening I checked out the video and shock horror, so are they) and I love the sound that their guitars make, especially on the early recordings.

Simply sounding like The Damned wouldn't be enough to keep me interested but luckily White Trash have managed to craft a sound totally of their own. The video is makeshift, it's super low budget, but it's a nice little look into the characters in the band, their live shows and what it's like to be a part of White Trash. There is something refreshing about it, something sounds and looks dangerous here. It's dirty, it's fun and you definitely want to get involved.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing new and you can hear dashes and splashes of The Clash, The Libertines, Green Day and even scottish indie heroes The View but they manage to still sound like themselves. I immediately wanna play gigs with them, I wanna hear them on the radio whilst I'm driving to work. The vocalist drawls "I wanna know if you're sick and tired too, I wanna know if you feel the same, I wanna know will you be my best friend..." then he tells me that he wants to go kill the cool kids and wants to know where they hang out. I wish I knew!!
Absolute belter of a record. Get it in your ears!

This is Kill The Cool Kids....

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