Sunday, 3 December 2017

Vista Blue - Nobody Wants Booster


  One of the nicest people that I've met on the internet whilst compiling this blog is Vista Blue's Mike Patton. He seems to send me links to his band's new releases every other week. In fact he's so nice, he doesn't just let myself and anyone else who might promote his music download his stuff for free, he makes it all available on Bandcamp name your price so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful power pop tunes that he seemingly has no problem writing. He's a bit like Santa, if Santa was benevolent all year round.

  Which brings me nicely to today's song. Mike contacted me last week with the link to Vista Blue's new ep. It's titled Christmas Sounds and you can snap it up here : . Being the grateful type of guy that I am, I told him "If you think I'm posting a Christmas song in November, you can sod off." So he sent me a link to a new single they've also just released ( He's not one to hang around between releases!

  Anyway, it's December now so even though I'm not a massive fan of Christmas songs I make an exception for Vista Blue as they're so damn catchy. I even threw a bunch of images together to make an admittedly amateurish video. Have a Merry Christmas Mike and I look forward to loads more messages in 2018.

  This is Nobody Wants Booster.....

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