Thursday, 28 December 2017

The Top 20 Songs Of 2017

   I wasn't going to bother compiling an end of year chart. Not because there's not been lots of great music released during 2017 but because it was proving a near impossible task to decide what to include and what to leave out. There's numerous songs which would grace a Just Some Punk Songs end of year chart but I've decided to produce a Top 20 based on the songs that are demanding inclusion as I'm sat at my pc this morning.

  For anyone who's interested there's also 2 shows featuring most of these selections plus a bunch of other great tunes. You can listen to them anytime here

  Anyone checking out this chart wondering why their songs aren't featured, if I'd have compiled it on another day, it's quite possible you'd have been included.

  Anyway, here's the Top 20 songs from 2017.....

20)  NACHTHEXEN - Debbie Downer

19)  B SQUADRON - Working Class Heroes

18)  BIZNAGA - Una Ciudad Cualquiera

17)  STILETTO BOMB - Won't Let Go

16)  CYANIDE PILLS - Big Mistake

15)  PURA MANIA - Cerebros Punk

14)  CORNER BOYS - Joke (Of The Neighbourhood)

13)  FLOWERS OF EVIL - City Of Fear

12)  ISS - Part Time All The Time

11)  BEAR TRADE - Sexy Beast

10)  COATHANGERS - Parasite

9)  MATERIAL SUPPORT - Know Your Rights

 8)  STRUCTURE - Disco

 7)  DEAD HERO - Otro Dia

 6)  BOOJI BOYS - Sister

 5)  BRAD POT - Air Strike

 4)  LUCKY MALICE - Keeping A Secret

 3)  THE CAVEMEN - Dog On A Chain

 2)  UV-TV - It's Dead

 1)  AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - 70's Street Munchies