Sunday, 31 December 2017

The Prostitutes - Robotic

  The Prostitutes have graced this blog several times down the years so I'm guessing you don't need much of an intro to them today. Previously from Long Beach but now relocated to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, frontman Kevin McGovern and his band of merry men return with a brand new 6 track ep titled Don't Want A Future. You can snap it up "name your price" on Bandcamp (don't forget to check out their essential back catalogue whilst you're there)....

  We were treated to a preview of the ep back in September when they released the excellent Give Me Head Or Give Me Death, the 5 new tracks certainly lives up to that teaser track. The move to Harrisburg seems to have reinvigorated song writer/vocalist McGovern, as well as the new record he's returned to his Fear/Loathing blog to share his favourite releases of 2017 :

The song I'm featuring today is the one which features the lyric "Don't Want A Future." It's a driving, mid paced track with a chorus to die for. This is Robotic.... 

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