Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Stiletto Bomb - Won't Let Go

(photo : Michael Spencer Photography)

  One of my favourite eps of 2015 was Stiletto Bomb's debut, In The Dark. Featuring J Prozac I liked them every bit as much as his long running band The Prozacs. Unfortunately though, whilst The Prozacs released the excellent Exist album earlier this year (https://theprozacs.bandcamp.com/), from conversations with Jay I knew that he was finding it difficult to keep Stiletto Bomb a going concern. It looks very much as though the band will shortly be no more but I was very happy when he sent me a new ep by them which will be their triumphant farewell. The ep due for release early next year (February?) on Pop-A-Pill Records.

   Stiletto Bomb on this release are Jay on guitar and sharing vocal duties with his wife Andrea (Andy Nihilate) and being ably backed by Scotty Blood (bass/backing vocals), Jeff Blood (lead guitar) and the ever dependable Matty Prozac stepping in on drums. It features 6 new tracks and it's great. Which left me rueing the fact that it'd miss out on the Just Some Punk Songs two part Best Of 2017 shows. Luckily, my favourite song from the ep was one Jay wrote a couple of years ago and he was cool enough to release it early as a single.

  The song is in honour, respect and admiration of Dan Vapid who is one of Jay's biggest musical inspirations. The cover features a cool collage of Dan's music and the song is a fitting tribute. It's available name your price here :   https://stilettobomb.bandcamp.com/album/wont-let-go

    This is Won't Let Go.....

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