Monday, 11 December 2017

P.M.S. - Cocaine Cunt

  Pic by If Leouf 

  P.M.S. are a feminist hardcore punk band from Paris who formed in October 2014 and feature members of Mary Bell and Outreau (the former band appeared on here back in January). The line up is Fredo Mendes Semedo (drums), Isa Vareille (bass), Evelynne Brown (vocals) and Victoria Arfi (guitar).

  They released a demo in 2016 and next month will see them unleash their first ep (on Danger Records). You can check out a track from it and snap up the "name your price" demo here : 

  The shared song from the new ep is a sub 1 minute kick in the balls called Cocaine Cunt.....

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