Wednesday, 27 December 2017

PMS 84 - Ultimate End


  So we're rapidly approaching the end of 2017 and in a couple of days I'll post the Just Some Punk Songs Top 20 songs of the year. There'll obviously be many great tracks that I won't be able to fit in, just like there were no doubt many great tracks released this year that I didn't even get around to featuring on the blog. Today I'll post one of those.

  PMS 84 are from Portland, Oregon. They formed in early 2014, feature Jesse Cunningham (vocals. He was formerly vocalist with Koward), Anya De La Torre (bass. Ex Vivid Sekt), Dylan Marquet (drums. Ex Combat Knife) and Compton (guitar. He featured on here earlier this month in his other band, Petite) and are heavily influenced by the UK82 punk scene. If you check on Bandcamp you can find a couple of demos, an ep and two tracks from their debut Easy Way Out album :

  For the full album, visit the Bandcamp page of Spanish distro Discos Enfermos : 

  The album is hard hitting, it combines hardcore and oi and it takes no prisoners. From it, this is Ultimate End....


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