Sunday, 17 December 2017

Petite - Torches


  Petite are one of the many great bands from Portland, Oregon. They're a 5 piece featuring Laura, Wolfgang, Audrey, Shauna and Compton, and they formed just over a year ago. Their music is inspired by classic oi AND some of the more tuneful female fronted indie bands you may have listened to down the years. The cover of their latest demo, a bovver boot with flowers sprouting from it sums them up nicely.

  That ep, their second, was released last month. Their debut ep (featuring another juxtaposition on the cover, a jolly looking policeman), came out last February. Both are very good, mixing up different styles of music. Indie-oi? Iron fist in a velvet glove? Whatever, both are well worth snapping up....

  If you like them, give them a like!

  This is Torches....

They’ll try to get you in the end 

They’ll try to put you in your place 

They can, wave their flags and their guns 

But when it’s all over I’ll get you son 

Get you son 

Heat in the, night 

Heat in the, night 

Heat in the night! 

You lost in 1945 

Stop they're lying 

You lost in 1945 

Stop they're lying

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