Thursday, 7 December 2017

Knock Off - This Ain't No Love Song


  I played today's song on the Just Some Punk Songs show a few months ago when it was first released and thought I'd give the album a proper listen and post something from it on here. The album was Like A Kick In The Head by London band Knock Off and I was very impressed with it. 14 tracks of quality UK street punk, pretty much any of which would have a case for going on here. But for some reason it was missed out.

  Fast forward to November and the band posted a lyric video for the song that was my initial favourite from the album. It was added to the "to do" list for the blog but kept getting pushed back as new releases got in the way. But today, enough waiting, enough waffle, you're getting a belter of a song from a cracking home grown trio.

  Despite only forming as recently as 2013, Knock Off have already released 3 great albums. Like the bands that have influenced them (The Partisans, The Business, GBH, UK Subs etc) they write songs that are gritty and hard hitting but which are also catchy as hell.  Having caught them at Rebellion earlier this year I can also confirm that they're bloody good live too. You can check them out here :

  Well worth the wait, this is This Ain't No Love Song....


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